Meeting of




Kennedy School Announcements:

-Will hold open house 9/15 at Kennedy School 6-8PM

-October 1st Fun Run, fundraiser for playground equipment

-Monthly night out


East Madison Community Center Announcement:

-Food Pantry open Tuesdays Noon to 2PM

-Service all of East Madison

-Free after school programming until 8 pm Mon-Thurs.

(dinners and tutoring provided) ServeS kids ages 6-18

-Serve pre-natal to senior.

-On East Washington


Eastside Progressives:

Hosting a meeting to look at candidates for state supreme court

Oct 16 6:30 at Lake Edge Lutheran Church Monona Drive


Next Year Meetings:

March 8, May 10, July 12, September 13


Neighborhood Association Annual Report:

-First Meeting featured: City forester and Alder Hall. Learned about Madison’s 90,000 trees and Emerald Ash Borer.

-March 8 - Helped clean up the parks in the neighborhood with the pastor from Four Lakes Church of Christ

-Second Meeting featured: Parks department. Learned about the new playground equipment and permit processes

-June 24 Brat Sale Fundraiser

-July 10 Cottage Grove Road Activity Center planning meeting- City Plans for Royster property and Sentry site property.

-Third Meeting featured: East Precinct Police Deputy Commander. He answered questions and discussed issues in the neighborhood.

-August 5- Ice cream social in Kingston Onyx Park attend by over 100 people - Madison police department came with canine officer, and two mounted patrol officers. Culvers generously donated the ice cream for this event, and MSCR brought the game van.


Board Goals Moved to Upcoming Year:

-Movie in the park at McGinnis Park

-Brat Sale Fundraiser

-Park bench memorial dedicated to a past board member.

-Event for Portland Park

-Second Ice Cream Social


Treasurer Update:

-$4,635.80 currently in checking account after expenditures for the year.


Goal Suggestions for the Board for 2018

-Shelter for the park

-How often are the other parks booked/used. Heritage park usage rate?

-Relationship with Kennedy schools to send volunteers both ways, and how to help Kennedy better build a relationship with surrounding community.

-Neighborhood Watch

-Come together as a community to watch each other’s backs.

-Compile statistics on things happening

-Group going to look into this further and present back


Guest Speaker: Deputy Mayor Gloria Reyes, Deputy Mayor

-Conversation About Neighborhood Associations and what they can do:

-Can monitor what’s happening in city/government and weigh-in

-Empowering one another and identifying needs/concerns/goals

-Have alder listen to concerns

-Plan and host social activities

-Neighborhood associations can get involved in violence prevention and look out for one another

-Neighborhood voice makes a big difference when projects come before the city

for vote

- In regards to question about crime in neighborhood, she spoke about the initiative taken by law enforcement and how effective it has been. She also talked about how our crime is still manageable if we start investing in initiatives like public health, early childhood, etc. and that is in the works. We have to look at all angles and not just one solution.

-In regards to question about how to get more involved. Go on city website, and look at the committees. They are always looking for more people to serve on these committees.

-In regards to question about if the neighborhood has a project they want to get done with the city, what are the first steps. Call the mayor’s office and they can help you and connect you with the right contacts and have people work with you/ speak to the neighborhood.

-In regards to question about drug use problem in Madison. Mari Grant no longer enforcing heroin as a crime for users. More mental health, social emotional treatment instead. Drug task force is still active looking for dealers. Has been used a lot and saved many lives. Call non-emergency number if you see something.

-In regards to question about common best practices of neighborhood associations. SHOW UP! Show up at common council. Write letters to mayor, and alder. Have one common goal and one agenda.


Biggest Thing:

Really try to get your fellow residents involved here. The decisions made at the association and city level effect everyone.


New Board Nominations:

-President: Rico Santini nominated 

-Vice President: Christopher Johll nominated

-Secretary: Andrew Meeks nominated

-Treasurer: Jordy Natzke incumbent nominated

-Member at Large: Merle Meyers nominated

-Member at Large: Verne Meyers nominated

-Member at Large: Mary Kelly (i) nominated

-Member at Large: Sam Kay nominated


There was only one nominee for each position. The candidates were presented as a slate and accepted with a vote from the floor.