RMNA Officers

Jerry Smith, Acting President

Jerry Smith, Vice President

Jordy Natzke, Treasurer

Mary Polancih, Secretary


RMNA Executive Board Members-at-Large

Merl Maiers

I grew up on an Iowa farm, was drafted and spent two years in the U.S. Army, a good part of that time in Korea. In 1954 Vern & I were married, moved to Ames and graduated from Iowa State University. Later we moved to Davenport where I taught auto mechanics in high school for six years. In 1964 we had our house built at 601 Acewood Blvd., and joined the staff at M.A.T.C. and spent several summers doing graduate work at U.W. Stout. After many good years I retired, then went to work part-time for Wisconsin Federal Property Disposal System. Now I’m retired again in the house we built, in the neighborhood we love.

Vern Maiers

I grew up in Iowa and graduated from Briar Cliff College, Sioux City. After graduation I taught elementary school until I moved to Madison with my family in 1964 and “retired” to be a stay-at-home Mom with our three children. Later I worked on my early childhood certification from Edgewood College and taught at Monona Grove Nursery School for twenty years before I retired again.

Mary Kelly

Andrew Meeks

Christopher Johll


Past RMNA Officers & Board Members

Mike Brewer
At-Large, 2012-2013

Maureen Engelberger
Secretary, 2012-2015

Robert "Bob" Hanson
President, 2008-2009

Matt Hornbeck
Vice President, 2008-2009

Matt Ida

Matt Karnick
Vice President, 2011-2013

Lara Kenny

Tim Klaben
President, 2011-2014
At-Large, 2015

Darold Lowe
At-Large, 2010-2014

Gretchen Lowe
Secretary, 2010-2012

Teresa Northrup
Treasurer, 2008-2011

Mary Polancih
President, 2010-2011
Secretary, 2008-2009

Wyl Schuth
President, 2014-2016